Kimlico Plumber Corporation handles every sort of plumbing problem. 

Swear Line Cleaning 

Swear line is an essential part of the plumbing services. Our company utilizes the most efficient method to inspect, repair and replace your broken sewer line problem. We use advanced methods to solve all types of sewer line problems. Don’t panic with any kind of swear problem, as you have Kimlico Plumber Corporation with you.

Drain Cleaning   

Hair, grease, residue and dirt easily spell trouble in the drains, creating troubles. We use the best method to resolve drain cleaning problems. In addition to this, we use the modern technique to clean your clogged kitchen drains, toilet drains, floor drains, bathtub and shower drain.

Heating Repair Service 

We understand that dealing with heating repair is difficult. But you can trust Kimlico Plumber Corporation, for all types heating repair services. Further, our technicians adhere to the company code of conduct, which includes honest and ethnic repair. Also, we will never put you under pressure for unforeseen costs. 

Our heating repair services include: 

  • Oil and gas furnace
  • Insufficient heating
  • Custom ductwork repair
  • Heater filters
  • Oil and gas boilers
  • Water and air heat pumps

Line Inspection 

Line inspection is a crucial part of plumbing services. We perform line inspection with the help of cameras. With this technique, we are able to foresee any major crack or issue in the line. Further, we inspect thoroughly, in such a way that the chances of any issues reduces to a major level. 

Most plumbing companies do not offer this service but we know the value of line inspection. You will surely admire our work once you hire us. 

Air Condition Repair 

We are specializes in offering air condition repair and services. Kimlico Plumber Corporation delivers high quality controlling the temperature in case the thermostat in working improperly. At first, our technicians analyze the core issues and then start working according to the need. Sometimes, your air conditioner may create funny sounds. This is only because it needs filter replacement. We make sure that there will not be any major issue. 

We make sure to serve you more than what you need


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